Ok....after my last blog, I'm kind of considering quitting this whole thing. I'm beginning to think the whole thing is a bit pathetic.

If anyone reads this, and thinks otherwise, get in touch. Othertwise, in my current frame of mind, this might be my last blog.
Blog Affections
Yusss! Went to the gym as planned. Legs still ache, but it's another session in the bank. Awesome.

On the drive into Inverness I was kind of thinking about just why I have this blog, and why I started it in the first place. I think I really just use to express some things that I really wouldn't usually tell people, as well as just talking about stuff that no-one else is really interested in listening to. Which is sad but true.
To anyone who reads that, don't take that the wrong way, I know there are some people I talk to a little bit, but I don't really have any good, close friends to talk to about some things. Hence, this blog.

I don't know if that makes sense, but nevermind...

I've added the Only Ones to the playlist, because I've heard "Another Girl, Another Planet" no less than 3 times today, which is unusual. It's a great song, and has been covered loads of times, and was the last track that blink-182 recorded before announcing their hiatus.
Dreams of an old life
I always become hugely inconsistent with my blogging habits towards the end of the month. It's a bad thing.

Know what else is a bad thing? Amazon.co.uk, that's what! It just stole a TON of money from me. They emailed me to say they're gonna send me a bunch of CDs in exchange, but I mean, come on! What's that you say Amazon? I can even choose the CDs I want to receive? Well, I still don't think it's fair that you want money for them....but I did get a pretty spectacular pay last week...

MC Lars tweeted me a few hours ago. Pretty big moment in my life to be honest! I had earlier tweeted about being not sure about going to see him next week. I won't go into details, but I'm now thinking I will. What a legend he is.

Been having a few bad dreams recently about some people from an old life. Not too nice. The worst thing is waking up and thinking about them for the next few hours. It's a really unpleasant way to start the day. Plus, it makes me think about things like, do I need some sort of closure or something? I can't explain it very well. I mean, I'm totally over all that, but when I dream about that sort of thing, I wonder to myself, have I really, properly moved on? Ah, who knows? I know there's only a couple of ways to solve the problem, and I know which one I'm opting for (not my Dexter-esque one, as previously blogged about!!)

Tomorrow, I WILL go to the gym!!
5 Day Catch Up!
No blog for five days?! Criminal I say!!

Shutter Island was a gooood film!! It's one of those films where two people could have a completely different idea about what exactly happened in it. That perhaps sounds kinda stupid, but it's true.
Also, 24 FINALLY got kinda good. I think that happened at the 11am-12pm episode, so it's definitely a slow starter!! FYI it started at midnight and each new episode represents another hour of the day.

What else has been happening? Man United beat Liverpool today while Chelsea drew with Blackburn, so that was doubly great. Park Ji-Sung scored the winner for United, so I will share my favourite United chant, about the South Korean, to the tune of Lord of the Dance:

Park, Park, Wherever you may be,
You eat dogs in your home country,
But it could be worse,
You could be a Scouse,
Eating rats in your council house.

Sheer poetry, I'm sure you'll agree.

The last few days have contained work, filling out various forms and job applications, oddly bizarre and sexual dreams (sorry...you know who you are!), going out for a meal as a joint celebration of mother's day and my dad's birthday (I had a haggis starter, haddock main, and a heavenly toasted gingerbread with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce dessert).

Talking about that epic dessert reminds me; you might remember that diet thing I mentioned about a month ago. Well, at the moment, I can't get to the gym as much, but only because I'm doing longer hours which means a lot more walking....so it kind of balances out. Anyway, all my jeans keep falling down on me....which is sorta annoying, but it does mean I've lost weight. Which is good. Obviously. It does mean I now need new jeans though....unless I start using a belt all the time....which I'm not used to. I digress.

One day of work, then two off. Bring it!
Di Caprio and Pitt Appreciation...
Why do I almost always blog so late? It's always like the last hour of the day that I remember to blog. Oh well...

Right now I'm halfway through watching Shutter Island with Leonardo Di Caprio. It's pretty compelling. It's set shortly after WW2, and revolves around two US Marshalls who are investigating a disappearance in a facility for violent mental patients, on a remote island. The marshall played by Di Caprio is suffering from persistent migraines and flashbacks to the war, particularly his actions when his squadron came across a Nazi concentration camp.
I'm not going to give anything away, but a storm has hit island, cutting out all the power, so some patients are running lose, and Di Caprio's character is suspicious of foul play, and beginning to wonder if he was set up to come to this place.

Di Caprio is probably one of my favourite actors, along with Brad Pitt. Usually, these are the sorta guys that piss me off, but I think they can pull off really difficult roles so well, and so convincingly. Pitt especially, has portrayed some of my favourite movie personas, but at the same time, he's been in some really awful awful flicks.

I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks (I've been working a lot, ok?!) and hammered out a 40 minute run, which I was quite pleased about.

Chelsea got knocked out the Champion's League tonight, thanks to Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan. I'm actually a bit concerned because I think Jose might have just helped Chelsea win the Premiership. They now have a lot less distractions than United or Arsenal, and will have fresher legs for their games. Damn you Jose....
I'm Lost at Sea
I'm uber bored so I'm gonna bash out a quick blog to pass some time.

I've started watching 24, gotta say, really not that impressed. I mean, it's ok, but I'm really not all that interested in any of the characters, and the storyline travels at a snail's pace. I might explore some other suggestions tonight.

Work was kinda awesome today. This new round I'm on is really pretty straightforward, and it is so much extra money for me. I kind of love it. A few people had told me how it was the best delivery round, but I didn't really believe them, but now I'm seeing their point. One of the biggest differences is the general cheeriness of people to see you. You actually feel welcomed, as opposed to being treated like some sort of criminal within the actual village. I have tomorrow and wednesday off as a result of being on this round. Again, awesome.

Found somewhere locally that does guitar tuition...I'm just doing a bit of research before signing up for it. I like to have a good idea of what I'm walking in to. It seems to be some kind of group lesson thing, which I'm pretty unsure of, considering my total beginner status.

Almost forgot the thing I've been wanting to talk about for about a week or so now! This is something I've been fairly conscious of for a few weeks now, but has been pretty obvious from looking at my overall Last.fm charts. Since you're reading this, you'll probably be well aware that my favourite band is blink-182. Now, I'll be the first to admit they are a really immature band, and more suited to 16 year old rebelious teenagers....maybe with the exception of their last album. I kind of feel as if they shouldn't be my favourite band anymore...I mean, I don't really like the idea of being a 35 year old guy who still listens to "Fuck a Dog". If I had to choose a replacement for them at the top of my list it would be a toss up between Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. These bands are 2nd and 3rd in my Last.fm charts, and considering I only discovered them a few years ago, I have listened to them a phenomenal amount. They have done a formidable job of catching up to my number of blink play counts. I think one day, one of these bands will be my all time favourite bands. They are both fronted by Andrew McMahon, who I think is such an amazingly talented lyricist. As a demonstration of what I mean, I've added SoCo's "Watch the Sky" to my playlist....it pretty much captures my mood right now. Sometimes I feel completely lost at sea, and I feel like there's only a couple of people....one in particular, who can rescue me. I just think the imagery Andrew uses is just so unprecedented, I honestly can't think of anyone who is able to paint a picture with a song, quite like him.
Opening Up
Sad times. Dexter is finished. Pretty awesome show I thought, and I'm looking forward to season 5! I was completely gutted at how season 4 ended. I think I've got quite a wait till s5, because the lead actor is undergoing treatment for a form of cancer, so I'd assume they will have to wait for his hair to grow back before shooting restarts. Think I'm going to start watching 24....even though it reminds me of bad times in my first flat at uni. We'll see how it goes...

I am now officially covering a colleague will he is on sick leave, which means I will be working full time, but only for 4 days a week. Which is kinda awesome, because it will still be a lot more money than I usually earn, and I'll still have a decent bit of free time.

The past few days have been pretty packed, I've worked about 65 hours this past week, so needed to catch up on a fair bit of sleep in my downtime. It's kind of weird because it makes me forget a lot the things a regularly think about when I'm not doing anything else. I think a lot of that caught up with me, and I remembered how completely hung up I am over a girl. I would love nothing more than telling her, but the situation is far from ideal. She has a smile that convinces me everything in the world is ok. Urgh. I'm so completely pathetic. I'd be totally overjoyed just to spend like an hour with her. Nothing sinister in that, just hanging out and talking and that.

Definitely a contender for my dumbest blog yet.

There's something I've been meaning to blog about for ages, tomorrow, I will definitely do it. Promise.
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